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So, what's AI Titan?
  • I'm sure you've heard of Chat-GPT.
  • It's the powerful AI language model..
  • Used by a 100 million people...
  • It took the Internet by storm.
  • BUT: what if there was a BETTER way?
  • A NEW way to "hack" Chat-GPT.
  • To program it for YOUR video, funnels, website, content & niche.
  • A few words from your website or niche...
  • Then the AI will spit out pre-made "Internet assets"
  • I'm talking assets like AI Videos, AI based video slide show, AI based web stories Google Web stories, AI based short videos, marketing copy for your landing pages, websites, stunning graphics like banners, visuals, social media graphics, sales letters...
  • Pretty much ANY asset we use as marketers can be made..

    ALL with Chat-GPT - and just by pasting a few words into GPT.

    Convert any text into Audio
    Generate Customized GIF Images from your text
    Generate Landing page long copies
    Funnel Copies
    Video Scripts
    Style Images using AI
    AI Generated Image Designer
    Images to Video created AI Based
    1. AI Chatbot
    This will be a complete human like chat bot using it users can ask any question to this and it will reply. Completely new UI of chat GPT. This will assist user any kind of help he need related to any question in any niche or any sector.

    Apart from AI chatbot this tool will have many other features that will help anyone to create AI based material.
    • AI Based Advance Designer App with 1k+ DFY templates
    • Voice command based Content Generation
    • Voice Command based App features
    • Text to Video
    • Video to audio
    • AI songs
    • Text to songs
    • AI Videos
    • Idea to video
    • Content to video
    • AI based video slide show
    • AI based web stories
    • Google Web stories
    • AI based short videos
    2. Email Content
    • Generate email content by giving some simple instructions in any language you want, you can choose creativity level, phrases, variation and many more
    • Email Subject Lines
      • Generate email subject lines on any topic in any language with more customization
    • Cover letter
      • Generate cover letters by giving some details in any language and fully customization
    3. Blog Content
    • Blog Intros
    • Blog Ideas
    • Blog Outlines
    • Blog Post
    4. Articles
    • Rewrite any Article
    • Grammatical Error Fix
    • Product Descriptions
    5. Website SEO Content
    • Website titles
    • Meta descriptions
    • Meta keywords
    6. Ads Content
    • FB Ads content
    • Google Ads Text
    • Quora Ad Body
    7. You tube Content
    • Video title
    • Video description
    • Tag generator
    • Video ideas
    • Youtube intros
    • Youtube outlines
    8. Images Generator
    • generate any desired image using AI, customize size of images
    9. Advance Image Editor

      Edit Generated image into our advance image editor

    Convert any audio into Text Document
    11. Generate unlimited Codes

      Generate unlimited Codes in any programming language

    12. Social Media Writer
    • Tweet Generator
    • IG Hashtagging
    • Facebook Post
    • Quora Answers
    • Linkedin Posts
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